About Us

Compass Consulting was established as a joint partnership in October 1990, before Peter Macqueen assumed sole ownership and management in January 1992. Since this time, we have provided consulting services to numerous industry sectors, including:

  • Resources (psychological and testing services, recruitment (including project and greenfield assignments), outplacement)
  • Manufacturing (recruitment, psychological and testing services, outplacement)
  • Sugar (recruitment, psychological and testing services, outplacement)
  • Pharmaceutical (psychological and testing services)
  • Marine and Tourism (psychological and testing services)
  • Restaurant (including fast food) (psychological and testing services)
  • Financial (psychological and testing services, outplacement)
  • Government (psychological and testing services, career services)
  • Energy (psychological and testing services, outplacement)
  • Education (psychological and testing services)
  • Media/Entertainment (outplacement, career services)
  • Professional and Business Services (psychological and testing services)
  • Information and Communications Technology (outplacement).


Peter is ably supported by Jackie Tan, Office Administrator/Test Administrator. We can assist clients on a national  basis as Compass Consulting has established a network of experienced test administrators/psychologists/consultants in capital cities  and in many regional centres around Australia. In addition, we are able to link with local consultants for project activities as required. International candidates can be assessed via the internet and, for high stakes testing, whilst under the supervision of an overseas affiliate. 

Typical Assignments

The following assignments represent a cross-section of activities over several years:

  • Psychological assessments for a wide range of positions including senior executives (corporate and government sectors)
  • Recruitment of all professional and staff positions for a greenfield  base metals mining company in Western Australia over a period of eighteen months
  • Outplacement support for staff made redundant
  • Design and implementation of a graduate assessment program for the business unit of a multi-national company
  • Coaching with supervisory, managerial and professional personnel
  • Assistance to one of Brisbane's leading legal firms in the development of a systematic approach to graduate recruitment
  • Assessor in assessment centres for one of Australia's best-known banks.



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Peter Macqueen
Principal and Co-founder