Psychological and Testing Services

Compass Consulting provides quality testing and assessment services to clients across Australia. Issues with which we can assist you include:

  • What qualities are required for effective performance in this particular position?
  • How do the qualities of our key talent compare with those in other organisations?
  • Which of these three short-listed candidates is the best fit for the role within our organisation?
  • Our senior executive team: What strengths and weaknesses exist? What can be done to develop increased effectiveness?
  • What career options are available for this valued employee?
  • What selection processes should our organisation introduce to ensure a good, cost-effective outcome while also ensuring fairness and equity?
  • Is this test appropriate for this particular purpose?
  • What are the issues of which we need to be aware in relation to online testing and assessment?

Based in Toowong (Brisbane), Compass Consulting has a network of colleagues and affiliates around Australia. We can organise testing in many interstate and regional locations, with completed test papers forwarded to us to ensure consistency of interpretation and client contact. We are not limited to any particular proprietary test or model, and we use a broad range of tests, drawing on suppliers such as CEB/SHL (previously SHL and now part of the Gartner Group), Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), Test Grid, Hogan Assessment Systems, Saville, and others.

Online Testing Facility

Online testing can be facilitated through online platforms such as: the CEB/SHL portal (, TestGrid (, and Hogan (

The following areas are typically assessed through the use of professionally developed and standardised instruments:

  • General reasoning: verbal, numerical and non-verbal/abstract (or inductive) reasoning
  • Specific aptitudes: mechanical reasoning, fault finding and others
  • Personality or temperament; values; leadership derailers.

Some of the personality-based instruments provide further information in the areas of: Management Competencies, Belbin Team Type and Leadership Style. Various report options are available, but we strive to not promote inappropriate report formats which offer little utility.

The testing regime can vary depending upon the level of the position and the reason for the assessment. Assessments can enhance decision making regarding individuals at all levels of the organisation.

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