Project Consulting

From time to time, we assist clients by undertaking project based activities such as:

  • Determining the most effective and relevant assessment tools and processes for a set of jobs within an organisation. This often will involve comprehensive job analyses using a range of techniques.
  • Team development. This can be particularly useful when new groups are formed or following merger/acquisition activities.
  • Conducting a 360 degree survey. This can take various forms, depending on the purpose, but in recent years we have conducted a 360 using the CEB/SHL framework to assess senior managers using a competency x potential framework. This approach captures both 'self-report' and 'others report' data, based on a robust personality-based instrument (Occupational Personality Questionnaire 32r).
  • Ad hoc coaching for individuals (see also Career Services).
  • Organisational survey work. Often this would be undertaken in conjunction with other colleagues. For example, retention and human capital assignments would be conducted with the WRDi Institute Pty Ltd (see Links)