Career Services

Compass Consulting offers more than career guidance. Peter's experience in recruitment, selection and general business activities enables him to provide a holistic approach to career assessment and planning.

'Know thyself.' Some important questions you need to ask yourself regarding your career include:

  • Can I see myself performing the same job in 5, 10 or 20 years from now? If not, what would I prefer to be doing, when should I change, and how should I go about making the change?
  • What can I learn from my life experiences, and what do they say about me and how I prefer to operate?
  • What have I liked and disliked in jobs I have held in the past?

Family members, friends and colleagues can only offer so much in terms of advice or guidance. Compass Consulting offers valuable professional career assessment services for organisations and individuals.

In particular, we offer a range of outplacement services including one-to-one assistance with executives and other personnel, and small group workshop activities as part of a major organisation restructure.

We use a number of tools and processes, depending on the goals of the assessment and the needs of the individual. We review accomplishments and any 'watershed' events in the person's life. While cognitive (ability) testing may be incorporated, we typically focus on preferences, including career interests, personality/temperament and values. Tools such as Repertory Grid can also add value, assisting the individual to clarify their thoughts using their own frameworks. Typically, a comprehensive report is prepared for the individual prior to a solid one-to-one debrief with the Principal (Peter Macqueen).